Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our Sunday Worship Services will be on Facebook Live only.
The Building will be closed for Services April 5.

This outbreak is a very serious matter- and we serve a VERY BIG GOD.
God is in control- but God does not want us to live foolishly either.

In response to Governor Mike DeWine's announcements, the following changes are also being made:

• We will be broadcasting the Sunday Worship Service on our Trinity Facebook page.
All Non-Worship gatherings, Bible Studies  etc. are cancelled or postponed

We continue to remind everyone to 1) cover sneezes and coughs into your sleeve; 2) wash your hands with soap and water regularly; and 3) if you feel sick, please remain home and contact your physician as needed.

We will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments as necessary.
During this time, we need to pray. We need to watch for opportunities to minister to others. To share compassion. To share encouragement. Most of all- we need to share the love , hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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