Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Beginning Sunday, June 7@ 9:30 am we will return to public
Sunday School Classes & Worship services.

Please Contact the Church office with any questions about:
Church Events, Bible Studies or Activities.

This outbreak is a very serious matter- and we serve a VERY BIG GOD.
God is in control- but God does not want us to live foolishly either.
We continue to remind everyone to 1) cover sneezes and coughs into your sleeve; 2) wash your hands with soap and water regularly; and 3) if you feel sick, please remain home and contact your physician as needed.

We will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments as necessary.
During this time, we need to pray. We need to watch for opportunities to minister to others. To share compassion. To share encouragement. Most of all- we need to share the love , hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We will only be meeting in the auditorium for that day and several weeks after that.

We are easing back into congregational worship life slowly. No Sunday School classes, No nursery or Toddler’s or Jr. Church. Streaming Online Services (Facebook Live) will continue

PREPARATIONS FOR WORSHIP: The protocol for worshiping together as a church.

  1. Examine your temperature before your arrival. If you have any kind of abnormal temperature reading, or other COVID-19 symptoms please stay home.
  2. Sanitize your hands before leaving your car or immediately upon arrival.
  3. Due to lack of availability- we cannot provide masks. Please bring your own mask.
    Masks are at your discretion; we will not require worshipers to wear them.
  4. Doors will be open to negate the need for touching handles.
  5. You may sit with your immediate family members only.
    All guests not in the same household/ family must sit or stand 6 feet from one another.
  6. We discourage all physical contact- hugging, handshakes, etc.

We want you to attend at your personal discretion, if you are elderly, ill, or in an at risk group, please stay home.



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